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Natal Venus in Cancer

Natal Cancer Venus | Yielding. Nurturing. Sympathetic.

There is a softness to Natal Cancer Venus that makes others feel physically and emotionally safe. Companionship is very important to those with this Venus placement. A huge part of what brings them joy is being able to contribute to their loved ones’ happiness and sharing in that happiness. Natal Cancer Venus feel good when taking care of others, it makes them feel a sense of belonging, as if their existence matters and there is a place for them. They take pride in their ability to nurture others. The phrase ‘need to be needed’ definitely applies when Venus is in Cancer. 

Natal Cancer Venus always try to be considerate of others. They want others to feel comfortable no matter what. They do not like conflict and will avoid it like the plague. Avoidance is one of their favorite defense mechanisms. Natal Cancer Venus tend to avoid expressing themselves when they are upset because they don’t want to ‘burden’ others with their feelings. However, the main reason they do this is because they think they are protecting themselves by refusing to be vulnerable. Repressing feelings and not expressing yourself can lead to a lot of bottled up anger and resentment. Natal Cancer Venus is particularly afraid to be vulnerable, especially if they feel they have been taken advantage of for opening up in the past. 

They need to learn that people aren’t mind readers, and that in order for someone to change their behavior they have to be aware that their behavior is upsetting you in the first place. Natal Cancer Venus is naturally empathetic and good at reading energy, and sometimes they forget that most other people aren’t like them in this respect. Many people need to be told how their behavior has affected you. They can’t tell when they’ve hurt your feelings. It’s okay that your feelings are hurt Natal Cancer Venus, but it’s important that you learn to express yourself and keep open lines of communication with those you love. 

They have an extremely hard self-protective shell. They are protective of their space, their loved ones, and their hearts. You would be surprised how fast a Cancer Venus will retreat into their shell when feeling wounded. It’s best to give them the space and time to process when this happens, BUT also important to let them know verbally that you are there for them and care, which leads me to my next point. Words of affirmation mean a lot to Natal Cancer Venus. Spontaneous compliments and verbal validation make them feel valued and are greatly appreciated. Natal Cancer Venus can hear the intentions behind words more easily than most due to their intuitive instincts, and, so, hearing the words ‘I love you’ means a lot to them.

Natal Cancer Venus are a little awkward and shy in love or romantic situations. They tend to get nervous when around their crush. They prefer to be pursued rather than to be the pursuer. They like to feel wanted and needed, and being pursued by a love interest is ideal. Cancer Venus shows affection in a sweet and sentimental way. They check in with you and consistently make an effort to contribute to your happiness. However, they need to be careful not to fall into the pattern of people-pleasing and giving their time and energy to people who take advantage and don’t deserve their presence! These lovely humans are very sensitive to criticism and energy, so please proceed with caution and kindness.

*Note: the house position of Venus in the birth chart as well as its aspects greatly affect how and where the planetary energy manifests in the native's life. Below is a description of how the energy of Venus is colored by the traits of the sign of Cancer. The description below of Natal Cancer Venus will not apply to everyone with this planetary placement due to the countless other factors that could affect how the planet's energy manifests.*


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