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Natal Venus in Gemini

GEMINI VENUS | Observant, Articulate, Flowing

Gemini is ruled over by Mercury, the planet of communication, thought, and intellect (among much more). Having a Mercury ruled Venus makes these natives curious, attentive, perceptive, and charming. There is no topic off limits for discussion with these natives. They’re responsive and receptive and love to learn about what makes people tick. As much as they love to hear about you and what makes you who you are, they also love to share and talk about the things they love. They are super chatty when it comes to talking about their hobbies and experiences.

They always know what to say, and tend to say what they think you want to hear. Natal Gemini Venus’ are smooth conversationalists, their friendly, welcoming nature makes them like-able. They know how to make people feel comfortable and often use their endearing sarcasm and witty humor to make people feel at ease. They are the type to blow up all of your social media accounts to make sure you don’t forget about them, or because they see something that reminds them of you.

Natal Gemini Venus loves to please. When they’re interested in you romantically, they’ll make a concerted effort to try and figure out what you like and don’t like and adjust their conversation topics per the information they discover. With a Mercury ruled Venus, these natives believe knowledge is power, so the more they know about you the more confident they feel about your relationship. They will take an interest in your passions, and in the little things.

With their insatiable curiosity and need for mental stimulation within relationships comes their tendency to get bored with people. They are particularly interested in people who are hard to understand because, in their mind, peculiar people are like puzzles for them to figure out. Natal Gemini Venus needs to be careful not to treat the people they love like they’re disposable. They tend to come and go as they please and it can be hurtful for their loved ones.

Despite their need for attention from loved ones, Natal Gemini Venus tend to dislike when the focus is predominantly on them in relationships or friendships. They do love to share, but when it comes to more private, emotional matters, Natal Gemini Venus is the first to deflect or change the conversation when it takes a more serious turn. It takes more time than most for them to share the more intimate parts of themselves. They don't like to take things too seriously because they feel as though if they were to focus on the deeper sides of themselves and life it would overwhelm them.

Natal Gemini Venus is very go with the flow. They’re the type that would much rather follow the pack to keep the peace than create conflict by asserting their opinions or preferences. They tend to change their minds frequently and have a variety of interests that change daily due to their mutable energy. Their open-mindedness and lighthearted personality makes Natal Gemini Venus easy to get along with and very fun to be around.

In love, these natives need to feel appreciated for their attentiveness and sense of humor. They want to be heard and acknowledged for their perceptive mind and creative ideas. Natal Gemini Venus’ are great storytellers, avid readers and researchers. They are always up for an adventure and adrenaline rush, which is in part the reason why they get along with those with a Fire Venus. They are stimulating and always a blast to have around. Leave it to your Gemini Venus loved ones to keep you on your toes and push you to open your mind to new experiences!

*Note: the house position of Venus in the birth chart as well as its aspects greatly affect how and where the planetary energy manifests in the native's life. Below is a description of how the energy of Venus is colored by the traits of the sign of Gemini. The description below of Natal Gemini Venus will not apply to everyone with this planetary placement due to the countless other factors that could affect how the planet's energy manifests.*


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