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Natal Venus in Taurus

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

TAURUS VENUS | Reliable, Sensual, Patient

Venus shines when at home in Taurus. Natal Taurus Venus is a thoughtful friend and giving lover, always going out of their way to make their loved ones smile. Their energy is subtly passionate and sensual. They love being in relationships, and feel it’s important to find a stable partner who supports them the way they deserve. Their friendships and family relationships are held dear to their hearts. They are the friend who is always willing to lend a helping hand.

Feeling secure is extremely important (financially, emotionally, and physically) to Natal Taurus Venus. Taurus Venus’ desire to make a life with someone They want to be able to have something (often something physical) to show for themselves and their life whether this be a house, a family, a successful career, etc. It’s important to them what their loved ones think of their partner. They’re always checking up on everyone they love and letting them know they’re important.

They show their love and affection through physical touch, and by stimulating the senses of their romantic partner(s). In love relationships, they are huge fans of hugging and soft caresses. They love to feel physically taken care of safe when it comes to dating. The little things matter to Taurus Venus natives—it’s how they shows their loved ones how much they care. Getting your favorite snack at the grocery store, making sure you feel appreciated and seen, remembering what annoys you, rubbing your feet before bed, leaving you casual love notes, etc. are all examples of little things Natal Taurus Venus does to show they care.

These individuals enjoy spending quality time with their partner even if it means staying in and cuddling. Spending time with the people they love is high on their priority list. Taurus Venus’ wants a partner who can provide authentic unconditional love. Someone who is nurturing and responsive. They want to be able to count on their partner just like their partner can count on them.

In friendships and romantic relationships, Natal Taurus Venus needs to feel appreciated and useful. They want a partner who will make time for them without them having to ask. They want someone who cares enough to check in with them. Natal Taurus Venus is incredibly supportive. They appreciate when their energy is valued and reciprocated.

Natal Taurus Venus tend to feel responsible for providing for their loved ones. They have high expectations for themselves when it comes to always showing up for those they care about and being available to help 24/7. Putting this kind of pressure on themselves can be draining and self-destructive. Taurus Venus’ need to remember that they can’t be everything to everyone. They need to make sure they’re taking care of themselves.

This Venus sign position feel a need to prove their worth by being a caretaker for everyone they love, and many times feel obligated to always be that person their loved ones go to for support. Natal Taurus Venus pride themselves on being able to take care of themselves while simultaneously providing for loved ones. This is one of the reasons why having a partner who offers a helping hand and tries to do little things to make their life easier is so attractive to Taurus Venus.

Natal Taurus Venus does not give up on those they love. They will be there to support you by listening and comforting you when needed. They will stand up for you when others put you down. They will show up to love you every time. They will stubbornly love you for you.

*Note: the house position of Venus in the birth chart as well as its aspects greatly affect how and where the planetary energy manifests in the native's life. Below is a description of how the energy of Venus is colored by the traits of the sign of Taurus. The description below of Natal Taurus Venus will not apply to everyone with this planetary placement due to the countless other factors that could affect how the planet's energy manifests.*


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