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Natal Venus in Aries

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

ARIES VENUS | Self-Ruling, Zealous, Free

Aries Venus natives know who they are and what they like. They don’t let anyone tell them who they are. They don’t pretend to be anything but exactly who they are. Aries Venus’ value realness and loyalty when it comes to their personal relationships. They are extremely loyal to their loved ones, but loyal to themselves first and foremost. Aries Venus’ are not afraid to put themselves first, they know their worth and it shows in the way they take care of themselves. They have a lot of self-respect.

Aries Venus natives love to dance, blast music, and be active. It’s important for their mental and emotional stability that they find ways to express their excess chi energy. Physical activities such as hiking, yoga, running, sports, etc. can help Aries Venus’ get centered and grounded in their energy. Aries Venus’ are always trying to keep busy to avoid boredom and love to try new things.

They are independent and autonomous in romantic as well as platonic partnerships. They value equal give and take. Reciprocated action and energy is crucial for them when it comes to dating. They don’t like to completely dominate their partner and hate when people try to control them. Aries Venus’ are turned on by a challenge. They want a partner who can take a joke, and dish it back 10X harder. They are pros at fight-flirting, and master trollers. If an Aries Venus is teasing or constantly picking on you, it’s likely that they like you and/or are romantically interested in you (or they’re bored). They’re extremely loving and playful people.

They are attracted to people who are as hype and inspiring as they are—someone who can match their intense energy. They exude confidence and like being around people who are just as secure and authentic as they are. Aries Venus has a GREAT bullshit radar, and love to call people out on their crap. They believe in actions NOT words. Their love language can be summed up with the phrase, ‘SHOW me, don’t tell me.’ It takes a lot to impress them. They are fiercely independent and would rather be alone than settle for average love.

*Note: the house position of Venus in the birth chart as well as its aspects greatly affect how and where the planetary energy manifests in the native's life. Below is a description of how the energy of Venus is colored by the traits of the sign of Aries. The description below of Natal Aries Venus will not apply to everyone with this planetary placement due to the countless other factors that could affect how the planet's energy manifests.*


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